A family mess

There are three kinds of people in life. Those who dust, those who don’t dust but know they should… and those who don’t even own a duster. I’ll let you guess which one I am. I’ll also let you guess what all my vents, blinds and fan blades look like *insert wincing emoticon face*

I partially blame my mom… because she never dusted either (shh you didn’t hear that from me).
And if she did, I have no recollection of it. I don’t remember being grossed out by our blinds, or
getting a dust shower when I tuned a fan on. I don’t remember sitting on the couch watching an
Ipad while my mom frantically cleaned under the fridge or vacuumed out the vents. Mostly
because we didn’t have Ipads back then, but you get the point. Also, pretty sure she would have
made me or the boys do that cause she had 6 of us so who has time for that…

But you know what I do remember? I remember looking for tadpoles in the pond with my mom, I
remember showering in the rain under a downspout with her and painting ceramic ornaments at
Christmas time. I’m sure I was covered in mud, algae and slime after our tadpole hunt, I
probably left puddles all over the house after our rain “shower” and I can only imagine what the
paint mess looked like after painting ornaments.

But the moments are what matter, not the mess.

Being a kid is messy. Being a parent and maintaining a home is messier.

I’m not a duster and I definitely don’t pretend to be one. My version of dusting is our Febreze Air
Purifiers that help do the work for me. The stigma of pretending to be a put-together mom is
slowly changing. Moms are being more transparent about the realities within their homes. We
confess that our picture frames are dusty and embrace the fact that sometimes we get nothing
on our to-do list checked off. The Instagram picture of a mountain of dishes in the sink gets
more likes than the sparkling clean kitchen picture, Why? Because we can relate and somehow
it validates our own messy kitchens.

So now here’s the danger- that we have become so acceptant of the fact that we all have Mt.
Everest dish piles in the sink that we simply neglect the things that really do just need to be
done. Do I need to dust every day? Nope. But the vents will stop working if they’re not cleaned
at some point, the pictures will eventually disappear in their frames behind the dust and the girls
will be breathing in who-knows-what at night.

My point is this. The moments are what matter ultimately, but the mess still needs to be taken
care of.

Find a balance.

Here’s an example for you. I literally dust maybe once every 4 months, and it’s usually 10
minutes of frantic craziness before our guests show up. So here’s my balance (and a little plug)- with little effort
on my part I can keep the air cleaner by capturing odors and microscopic dust particles by
running Febreze Air Purifiers on each level of the house- and I love them. I get to dust less
since 99% of the microscopic particles are captured from the air that passes through the filters.
We’ll change the filters out about every 4 months before they have time to settle on surfaces
and add a scent cartridge to keep the room smelling nice and fresh.

So go look for tadpoles with your kiddos and get muddy. And as you’re putting the picture of
your little one holding the tadpole in that dusty frame, wipe it down quickly. Wash the dishes but
let your toddler play with the soapy water and get soaked while you do that.

This is a reminder for me as much as it is for you, find your balance!

We had the opportunity to shoot some short vignettes with Febreze Air Purifiers a couple weeks
ago highlighting their air purifiers and giving some easy tips for household cleaning for busy
moms like us.

Actual conversation with Febreze Air Purifiers before the shoot:

Febreze Air Purifiers: Do you have any objects in the house that need to be dusted? Mirrors,
blinds, fan blades…?
Febreze Air Purifiers: I take that as a yes?
Me: Oh don’t worry, we’ll have LOTS of authentic dusty footage.

Needless to say, the film crew was really impressed by how dusty our bedroom fan was 😉